Jena Harris



Are you ready to jumpstart your life? Awaken your passion, dreams, and miracles? Allowing your natural essence to radiate to align you with the relationships and experiences you seek? Find out what has been standing in your way to experience your BEST LIFE! 


Have you ever considered this? Have been given a dream that someone else created? 

Since childhood we are all told to go to school, do this, think this way, you should act like this, and please don't color outside of the line! Etiquette tells you to say this, not that, if you get this grade it means this, eat your vegetables, look a certain way, your too heavy, your too thin!  You need to graduate then go to College, wait to get married, and have fun! Focus on getting a high paying career with good benefits. Pay off your College loans, NOW you have your parents asking you when you are going to find someone and get married, settle down and have family......... Ugh! Can you feel all of that pressure? I sure can! Like I said, living someone else's dream, someone else's idea of how a "perfect life" should look. Well guess what? When people don't fit into that box, they begin to internalize it, harbor self-judgment, self-criticism, and often times feelings ranging from depression to anger happen.

It is my passion to reach people through LOVE and through self-awareness. Helping to ignite the passion to live the BEST LIFE possible and remember who you are! I do this through connecting to the inner child that many of us have forgotten about! Guess what? This inner child that is connected to the God essence knows what you love, and you just need to be reminded! 

I want to help you reach your dream life, and not only do I hold that space for you I invite you to it. You have to believe that it is possible and be in a state of allowing for it to be possible in your life. My gift to you is to bring you to remember your heart-connection with God/your creator. When you remember that you are infinite and that you are love, it is truly a game-changer. 

Often times we "think" we are doing the right things to get what we want, but what your mind thinks and what your heart radiates can be two very different things leading to frustration, anger, or depression. Most of the time people are not even aware what they are holding into form in their subconscious mind that can sometimes be the opposing force of what they want to create. With a higher state of conscious awareness you will find new ways to achieve your personal or professional goals, manage life changes, improve relationships and the quality of your life by bringing together your body, mind, and spirit. 

You have been taught the things TO DO, and you are here reading this, so my guess is that it hasn't been working for you. Now it's time to un-create some of the things that don't serve your higher good and re-create to re-write your story! 

I offer individual sessions, group sessions, webinars, workshops, and speak on topics of transformation, self-love, self-awareness, relationships, couples transformation classes, conscious awareness expansion, and laughter therapy. When you take responsibility for the role you play in your life, you will get to your truth, and you are able to get real with the results that you are trying to achieve in every area of your life. 

"Empowering you to be the very best you, connecting to your truth", I walk beside you not in front of you.

I love you.