Jena Harris

  Jena Harris

Only when we are courageous enough to look at our shadows, will we unlock our highest purpose

~Jena Harris

Jena Harris is a Transformational Spiritual Teacher, Women’s Empowerment Visionary, expert in conscious living, and published author born and raised in Idaho and currently is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jena is the founder of a non-profit Women’s empowerment movement Sisterhood Connections. She holds a Master’s in Arts and Metaphysical Studies and spent twenty-two years in Corporate America, holding Senior Management positions all over the States. She then stepped out to begin her own journey in helping others achieve conscious relationships, life satisfaction, and an improved sense of self worth.

Jena is a highly skilled expert in homeopathic modalities of human healing and wellness. As a married woman and mother of three, Jena is fiercely passionate about her family. She uses this passion and knowledge of conscious parenting to improve family relationships with everyone she works with.

She has penned two incredible books ’44 days: Returning to love’ and Manifest your power partner’, and her newest one 'Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be' These books have allowed her to reach an even bigger audience, and allow her positivity to spread around the globe. But her vast expertise and influential writings do not stop there. Jena is also a regular columnist for E The Magazine, Today’s Female executive and she is a writer for Sibyl MagazineHer vast array of writings has empowered both women and men, and galvanizes people’s spirit for life.

It is Jena’s passion in life to create conscious change across the globe by empowering top female experts to join her mission in transforming one life at a time.

A note from Jena:

I consider myself a Life Changer, because I have the ability to see your Highest purpose and help you get there. I have hundreds of happy clients from all over the world that I have all been able to assist with transformational change in their lives, and I offer a very unique way to assist you to get the results you are looking for. I believe that anything that you want in your life is possible when you understand your patterns and what your energy tells the world right now. I am here to help you reach your highest and most joyful life that you can possibly dream at this point. Whether you are looking to align to your highest purpose, focusing on your personal growth, career, improved relationships, manifesting your power partner, or living a more joyous and blissful life, it's my passion to help you create and pave your path to align. I will help you understand your direction more clearly while helping you unlock your heart where all of the miracles are!

I specialize in working with healers, light workers, and coaches by helping raise their vibration and conscious awareness to do their good work from higher vibrations. I am passionate about helping others step into their authentic self that leads them to live their blissfully extraordinary life, I love to assist women to awaken their "inner wonder woman" to anchor and activate authentic happiness. 

I work with you to help you discover where you have limited yourself based on thoughts, ideas, beliefs that no longer serve you and help you navigate to create new ones that are in alignment with what you want in your life using my own special recipe of special recipe of Shift~Align~Transform© Techniques.

Sending love from my heart to yours, 

Keep Dreaming Big!