Jena Harris

  Jena Harris

"Jena is amazing. I was ill, and very sick, actually very depressed. After a few sessions with Jena and me and my husband were so inspired by my change. My body is transforming and all aspects of my reality are continuously changing in amazing ways. I was in a place of desperation and felt so disconnected from my husband, my family and God. After a few sessions with Jena I feel connected in a whole new way and am learning to love myself, I highly recommend any of her services that she offers as I am walking proof of her work" 

-Phyllis, Idaho

"I am a Healer myself and I have never experienced a session like I received from Jena. Her gifts are intense and I was feeling the shifts in the first hour. I  came to her because I have had problems in my business. Within days of our first session I was able to give my website a make-over, feel good about the process, and align with higher paying clients. Within 30 days I couldn't believe the changes that have taken place in my life. Jena is a true "healers healer".

-M.S., Florida

"I was blessed to receive Jena's session and it was very unique and I can feel her connection to Jesus which is really why I felt drawn to her energy. I felt my heart expand throughout the entire session. I am a Life Coach and I really struggled with believing in myself and my work, Jena really helped guide me to unlock what was holding me back. I am already seeing some amazing things take place in my life that I will be forever grateful for."

-Sarah, NY